Chapter No. 5: Spring 2019, Celebrating Earth Month

The classic crew sweater re-invented with sustainability. An unmistakable update to the classic crew, the Sandra Patchwork Sweater is a testament to handcraft, sustainability, and alternative design. For the Resort 2019 collection, Alejandra Alonso Rojas wanted to create beautiful, unique pieces that also push boundaries and incorporate alternative techniques. While the Sandra Patchwork Sweater may have a traditional straight pullover body, a classic crew neck, and long sleeves, this sweater is anything but ordinary. The timeless shape allows the intricate knit design, detailed stitch techniques, meticulous hand construction, and soft eco-cashmere yarn to be truly noticed and appreciated.

For Alejandra, handcraft and knitwear go hand-in-hand and hold a special place in her heart as she started knitting when she was just four years old. Straying away from mass production, all the knitwear in her collections are done by hand in the United States. Each stitch represents hours of work and attention. For the Sandra Patchwork Sweater, each segment is handknit individually and connected together at the end creating a seamless piece. Creating the patches in this way makes it a work of art, delivering a special one-of-a-kind pattern. The small pieces are constructed from multi-color knits creating a visually stimulating landscape in a complimentary grey color palette. Finally, the detailed handcraft features several intricate knit and stitch techniques, with elegant cables weaving across the garment.  Handcraft practices are all about going back to artisan practices and minimizing machines or factory processes. This means a more environmentally friendly approach, a lower impact for the brand overall, and a unique end product.

In addition to the sustainable handcraft practices, the brand wanted to focus on sourcing quality, eco-conscious materials. On her thought process, Alejandra says, “It's not just as a brand asking, ‘What are your practices?’ It's also, where are you sourcing your material?” For Resort 2019, Alejandra decided to introduce a special, ultra soft yarn made entirely from recycled cashmere fibers. The eco-cashmere yarn was developed by an Italian mill dedicated to sustainable practices. Their production process is focused on eliminating toxic and harmful chemicals from the entire cycle, consuming energy responsibly, and fostering transparency in their supply chain. Alejandra excitedly chose to work with this manufacturer based on their high quality yarn and their like-minded devotion to sustainability. Not only is the yarn used for the Resort sweaters kind to the environment made entirely from recycled cashmere fibers - it is also unbelievably soft and cozy. When you wrap yourself in the Sandra sweater, you can feel good physically and mentally knowing the ultra soft pullover was made sustainably from start to finish. Alejandra plans to continue using the eco-cashmere yarn in future collections.

It’s clear what makes the Sandra Patchwork Sweater so special; a combination of love for handcraft, creative knit designs, ultra soft eco-cashmere, and a devotion to sustainable production practices. From conception to wear, this sweater is lovingly sourced and created by hand, truly re-inventing how we can make and wear classic pieces of clothing.