Chapter No. 8: Pre-Fall 2019

With her Pre-Fall 2019 Collection, Alejandra journeys to Sorolla’s landscapes. Drawing from childhood memories of the bright sunlight and sparkling waters of her native Spain, Alejandra captures the spirit of Sorolla’s magnificent coastal scenery. The palette is inspired and informed by Pablo Picasso’s Rose Era, with cheerful shades of pink contrasting the cooler, quieter tones of the artist’s “Blue Period”. Alejandra continues to place hand-craft and sustainability at the forefront of her work and brand ethos. Silks are hand-dyed with natural elements and flowers, creating subtle color degrade and delicate floral patterns. The collection truly exemplifies Alejandra’s essentials. A sense of luminosity, lightness and optimism is felt throughout the collection, which is at once, both modern and decidedly timeless.

The designs in this collection feature a dramatic flair. Classic pieces updated with modern accents create truly unique works of art. A classic silk trench coat constructed with an oversized collar, voluminous skirt, and a wide belt cinching at the waist to create a dramatic, flattering silhouette. Another updated classic, a double-breasted blazer is made with remarkably detailed tailoring, intricate stitching around the collar, and rich hand-dyed colors culminate in an eye-catching piece. Daring slim-leg trousers in 100% lambskin leather make a sophisticated statement. An elevated, slip-style dress in luxurious silk beautifully drapes the body and epitomizes the effortless style of this collection. The handknit designs in the collection are equally special. With a complicated blend of a variety of stitches and cables, a classic cable knit sweater becomes a masterfully constructed collection of patchwork details.

Prints in this collection continue to utilize Alejandra’s love of handcraft and sustainable design, with the fabrics hand-dyed by the team in studio. The Rose and Blue Picasso inspired palette includes natural rich Indigo, soft romantic Malva, bright crisp red, and several subtle whites, such as Ivory. The materials hand-dyed with natural elements add a level of artistic integrity and devotion to sustainability to each piece. The process of hand-dying ensures each piece is truly unique and subtly varied in its beautiful color. Materials in the collection are equally sustainably conscious and sophisticated, featuring luxurious silk, eco cashmere, virgin wool, and lambskin leather. Alejandra’s advanced techniques and craftsmanship mean more of the materials are responsibly used, fabrics are dyed naturally, and production processes are focused on an eco-friendly ethos. The perfect blend of sustainably sourced materials and hand-dyed colors produce an exquisite collection clearly made with love and care.

Featuring a range of timeless and modern pieces, Alejandra’s Pre-Fall 2019 collection captures the core of her inspiration. With bright sun filled memories, beautiful coastal imagery, and incredibly rich colors complimented by subtle dramatic elements, the collection becomes a unique vision with eye-catching execution.